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Amenities & Facilities

Manipal Hospital Vijayawada is one of the largest hospitals in coastal Andhra Pradesh. This tertiary care hospital has a capacity of 350 beds and high-end diagnostic facilities. It currently has 240 beds operational. The hospital is renowned for its comprehensive tertiary care specialities.



Amenities at Manipal Hospitals Vijayawada are among the best you can ever find in India. Here are some of the essential amenities you can find in our hospitals:

  • Critical care at our Hospitals is provided by the multi-professional team of highly experienced professionals in coordination with a primary physician who use their unique expertise, ability to interpret important therapeutic information, access to highly sophisticated equipment and the services of support personal care that leads to the best outcome for the patients.
  • Transport-Emergency ambulance services round the clock for immediate pickup/drop
  • Special Nurse - If any sick or old patient wants special care we can have a special nurse assist you whenever you need help. Just contact our desk, and we'll arrange a special nurse immediately.
  • Well-maintained canteen - Our canteen is equipped with modern canteen facilities where you will get a variety of foods and beverages to refresh yourselves.
  • 24 Hours service - Complete 24 Hour support from NICU and Intensive care facilities, Blood bank, Operation Theatres, Anesthesia, Laboratory and Radiology services.
  • Maternity facilities - We have exclusive facilities in our Maternity. It includes birthing suite, Labour delivery rooms, Diagnostic Fetal CTG, labor analgesia. Management of high-risk pregnancy is done safely and carefully here.



In Manipal Hospital Vijayawada 5 categories of room types available:

  • General Ward (8 – 10 Patients per room)
  • Semi-Private Ward (6 patients per room)
  • Semi Special Ward Non AC (Twin Sharing)
  • Semi Special Ward AC (Twin Sharing)
  • Semi Pvt. AC (Twin sharing)
  • Special Rooms AC
  • Deluxe Rooms
  • Super Deluxe (Suite)

HD Television is available across all the wards. Special and Deluxe rooms have attendant cot facility too in addition to the Television and controllable AC service.


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