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Bone Marrow Transplant Unit  & 

Manipal Homecare Services

Vijayawada, May 20,2016: Manipal Hospitals Vijayawada becomes the first hospital in Andhra Pradesh to launch a comprehensive Stem Cell Bone Marrow Transplant Wing. In an endeavor to reach out to the cancer patients in the city and serve them better 35 bedded day care Chemotherapy and a separate ward for blood cancer patients today was inaugurated by Sri Kamineni Srinivas (Health and Medical Education Minister ) and Dr. Ajay Bakshi, MD&CEO Manipal Health Enterprises Private Limited.

Additionally, Manipal Hospitals Vijayawada launched its home health care services under the brand name of Manipal Homecare. Through this initiative, Manipal hospital would be delivering a broad range of its hospital’s services to a patient’s doorstep.This would be especially beneficial to people across the city getting discharged post head injury treatment, cancer patients, people suffering from chronic diseases ( viz. diabetes, heart diseases, respiratory diseases like COPD, etc.). Homecare will play a critical role in reaching out topatients who would require care after a long hospital stay,in peripheralareas likeMachilipatnam, Nuzividu, Gudiwada, parts of East & West Godavari districts.

“Manipal Hospitals is constantly working towards making healthcare accessible and affordable. With the launch of the comprehensive Bone Marrow transplant unit, complimented by home healthcare services, it is a win-win situation for both the doctors and patients. As cancer is becoming very common among people, we are bringing its cure to the doorstep for the people of Vijayawada, saving both time and money. Through Manipal Homecare,we would also be able to reach out to patients who are desirous of availing our services but are constrained by distance and mobility. Homecare would also enable the hospital to provide continuous health monitoring for senior citizens whose children are staying away from them.

Blood cancer patients are very low on immunity and thus are prone to catching infection easily. Keeping them in separate ward and reduce the chances and facilitate quick and easy recovery. The unit deals with Leukemia and blood related diseases. We can cure Blood cancer, Thalassemia, sickle cell,Anaemia, lymphoma and myeloma by Bone Marrow Transplant . “Two types of transplant Autologous stem cell transplant which is collecting stem cell from patient and injecting the same to the patient post treatment and Allogeneic stem cell transplant that is collecting the stem cell from the relatives of the patient to treat the patients are both available in our center.”.The hospital started with 6 bed Stem cell unit with the state of art equipment .Dedicated 24 hours blood bank, pathology, microbiology and hematology. The oncology floor has 35 beds in total, out of which there are 5 oncology private rooms, 12 beds for oncology twin sharing basis, 4 beds for Chemotherapy which is private and 8 beds chemotherapy general ward

“We are extremely pleased to launch the Bone marrow transplant center and our home healthcare services.Manipal homecare is the first and biggest Homecare provider,under the organized sector, in Andhra Pradesh. Through homecare we will be able to provide a variety of our hospital’s services at a patient’s home, like nursing, physiotherapy, blood tests, physician consultations, medical equipment rental and pharmacy.This care is provided by trained and well experienced medical staff from our hospital.’

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