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Manipal Hospital Vijayawada uses some of the most sophisticated technologies and procedures available today in the field of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). Our expertise in reproductive medicine coupled with the collective experience of our highly professional and dedicated team of medical professionals to ensure we deliver the best in infertility treatment.


1. Renal Stone Disease


  • Stone in Kidney – PCNL/ESWL
  • Stone in Ureter – URSL
  • Stone in Urinary bladder – TUCL


2. Prostrate Diseases


  • Prostatitis
  • BPH – Medical/ TURP
  • Carcinoma Prostrate – Surgical/ Radiation/ Hormonal Therapy


3. Urological Malignancies


  • Renal Tumours – Radical Nephrectomy
  • Adrenal Tumours – Open and Lap Surgery
  • Urinary Bladder Cancer – TURBT/ Radical Cystectomy


4. Female Urology


  • Stress incontinence – TVT/ TOT/ Abdominal suspension surgeries
  • Pelvic organ prolapsed – Vaginal and Abdominal Surgeries
  • Cystocele – Vaginal and Abdominal Surgeries


5. Male Infertility


  • Oligospermia and Azoospermia – medical and surgical treatment
  • Varicocele – Open and Lap surgery
  • Vasectomy Reversal


6. Male Sexual Disorders


  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Erectile Dysfunction (medical surgical therapy)


7. Male Stricture Urethra


  • Optical Urethrotomy
  • End to end Urethroplasty
  • Buccal Mucosal Graft
  • Substitution Urethroplasty


8. Paediatric Urology


  • Congenital Urinary Tract Anomalies
  • Vesicoureteric Reflux
  • PUJ Obstruction
  • Posterior Urethral Valve
  • Hypospadians


9. Nephro Urology


  • Haemodialysis Access Surgery like AV fistula and AV Graft
  • Peritoneal Dialysis Access
  • Renal Transplantation


Dr. Ravi Sankar Ganji

Dr. Ravi Sankar Ganji

Kidney transplantation surgeon
Renal Sciences
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Dr.Sridhar A.V.S.S.N

Dr.Sridhar A.V.S.S.N

Consultant Nephrologist & Renal Transplant Physician
Renal Sciences
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