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Treatment & Procedures

Treatment & Procedures

With the availability of dynamic ENT Surgeons, Audiologists and Auditory Verbal Therapists, the Department provides advanced care in ENT Head & Neck Surgery and Audio logical Science. Equipped with all latest equipments and diagnostic methods such as Operating Microscopes, Audiology Lab, Diagnostic Video Endoscopes the Department has served as a benchmark facility in the region. Facilities & Services Available Outdoor & Indoor facilities with all types of ENT

ఇఎన్‌టి, తల మరియు గొంతు శస్త్రచికిత్స

  • లారింగోస్కోపీ
  • ఐ& డి
  • థైరాయిడెక్టమీ
  • మాక్సిల్లెక్టమీ
  • సెప్టోప్లాస్టీ
  • టాన్సిల్లెక్టమీ
  • థైరోప్లాస్టీ
  • టింపానోప్లాస్టీ

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