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Treatment & Procedures

Treatment & Procedures

The department is equipped with state–of–the–art approved technologies applies the latest technologies to treat diseases and disorders of the skin, hair, nails and Photo therapy, cry therapy and allergy testing are also provided here.

Some of the treatment facilities offered at Manipal Hospital Vijayawada are:

  • Cosmetic treatment – Skin Brightening, Removal of Under Eye Dark Circles, Anti Aging Techniques, Cosmetic Peels
  • Removal of Warts and Unwanted Hair
  • Treatment for Hairfall
  • Treatment for Skin Diseases like Ring Worm Infections, Psoriasis, Allergies, Vitiligo, bacterial and Viral Infections, Drug Reactions, Dandruff and Acne
  • Scar Treatments: Scars due to Keloids, Acne, Pregnancy, Chicken Pox and Burns
  • Corn Excision


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